Test Your Knowledge of Popular Music! (Can You Guess the Hits?)

Are you a music enthusiast? Test your knowledge of popular music with this exciting 20-question quiz! From classic hits to the latest chart-toppers, this quiz covers a wide range of genres and artists. Each question has four options, but only one is correct. Challenge yourself and see how well you can guess the hits from the provided choices. Have fun and show off your music expertise to your friends!

  • Question of

    Who sings the song “Shape of You”?

    • Justin Bieber
    • Ed Sheeran
    • Bruno Mars
    • Taylor Swift
  • Question of

    What is the band name of Mick Jagger’s iconic rock group?

    • Queen
    • The Rolling Stones
    • The Beatles
    • Coldplay
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    Which artist is known as the “Queen of Pop”?

    • Lady Gaga
    • Britney Spears
    • Madonna
    • Beyoncé
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    “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a famous song by which legendary band?

    • Led Zeppelin
    • Queen
    • Pink Floyd
    • The Who
  • Question of

    Who won the “Album of the Year” at the 2021 Grammy Awards?

    • Billie Eilish
    • Taylor Swift
    • Adele
    • Drake

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